Analytical scales Mettler Toledo HR205 used for accurate weighing of samples.

аналитические микровесы



1. Weighing of at least 220 g.

2. Graduation is not more than 0.01 mg in the entire weighing range to the value according with paragraph 1.

3. The rms measurement error – no more than 0.03 mg.

4. The average time of stabilization is not more than 6 sec.

5. Balance must be equipped with weighing bowl grid to minimize weighing errors due to air currents.

6. Weighing chamber height – not less than 235 mm.

7. Color touch screen to control the scales made by the TFT technology (Thin film transistor) and with the diagonal of 140 mm.

8. Management scale functions:

• opening / closing doors with the possibility of opening 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of its maximum value;

• calibration;

• tare non-contact sensors are integrated. 

9. There is a system of automatic control of the electronic level balance with instructions for adjusting the support screw-bolts

10. There is an automatic calibration with built-weights

11. Automatic temperature stabilization in the balance with an electronic Peltier thermostat for accurate measurements in accordance with paragraph 3.