NTEGRA spectra: the complex of luminescence and Raman spectroscopy / microscopy.

Интегра Спектра


NTEGRA spectra designed to determine the molecular structure of the films, nanostructures, nanodevices, particles, surface structures; complex studies the physical and optical surface properties, imaging of the samples from their spectra of Raman scattering, luminescence and near-field emission with nanoscale.

General Features

- The device is equipped with two laser excitation wavelengths in the visible range.

- The device is equipped with systems to record the spectra of Raman scattering and luminescence in the visible range based on a cooled charge-coupled device.

- With the included software to manage, test, measurement and processing of the results.

- Design of the device supports the following optical measuring techniques:

1). Confocal Raman microscopy,

2). Raman microscopy with cantilever,

3). Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy,

4). Confocal laser scanning microscopy (reflection, transmission),

5). Scanning near-field optical microscopy,

6). Correlation fluorescence microscopy.

Technical specifications of the complex and modules, included in its composition:

1. Dimension of the image resolution of Raman spectra – 300 nm;

2. Spectral resolution – 1 cm-1;

3. Spectral range – 400-1100 nm;

4. The included lasers:

1) with the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation of 473 nm, linearly-polarized, single-mode, with a capacity of at least 50 mW;

2) with the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation of 633 nm, linearly polarized, with a capacity of at least 35 mW.

The included probe module contains an automatic feed sample, the optical measuring head, combined with high-aperture lens interchangeable tubular three-dimensional scanner with a feedback system on the three axes, the system input radiation, optical video microscope. Provides measurements in air, liquid, macro parameters control.

The included spectral module consists of a system of input laser and detection channel, which includes a monochromator, and radiation detectors. Has the ability to work with a set of 2 lasers.

Software provides:

- control of the whole complex, the receipt and processing of images, providing a full cycle of measurement and data processing quantitative and qualitative methods;

- control of probe module;

- control of the spectral module;

- registration and save of the probe and the spectral data from a given portion of the surface of the sample in a single session of measurement;

- the processing of the data using specialized mathematical package;

- the support of a specialized programming language to create custom algorithms and automation instrument of its work.