Gas chromatorgaphy equipment is found in laboratory 4027.
To make any investigations with gas chromatorgaphy equipment please contact with Olga Kurtova (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


1. Gas chromatograph "Crystal 5000.2" (6 pts).

Types of detectors:
FID. Limit of detection (heptane) 2⋅10-12 g/s.
Thermal conductivity detector (TCD). Limit of detection (propane) 2⋅10-12 g/ml.
TID. Limit of detection (metaphos) 2⋅10-14 gР/s.
Flame photometric detector. Limit of detection (S) 1⋅10-12 gS/s.
Photo-ionization detector. Limit of detection (benzene) 2.5⋅10-13 g/s.
Electron-capture detector (ECD). Limit of detection (lindane) 2⋅10-14 g/s.

Additional applications:
oven cooling system for GC;
autosampler AS-2M;
two-stage thermal desorber;
two-stage gas reducer;
concentrator Purge&Trap CDS 7000.

2. Gas chromatograph Shimadzu GC-2014 ATF (configuration for online analysis of gas mixture).
Channel №1: capillary column Restek Msieve 5a, TCD, automatic sampling valve.
Channel №2: capillary column Supelcowax 10, FID, injector.