The resource centre provides facilities for investigation of living organisms using basic methods of light microscopy. 

Dissection microscope Leica M205С

Designed for investigation of living and fixed organisms using transmitted and reflected light illumination. Maximal magnification 256х. Equipped with zoom lens and Leica CLS 150X illuminator with two flexible optical fiber light transmitters. Digital camera Leica DFC495 (8.0MP) enables in vivo recording and multifocus 3D reconstruction of the objects.

Inverted microscope Leica DMI3000

Used for investigations of cell cultures, living objects in microaquaria, objects on temporary and permanent slides using transmitted light. Equipped with phase contrast and integrated modulation contrast (Nomarski DIC analogue for objects on plastic surfaces). The microscope is equipped with semiplanapochromatic object lenses 10x, 20x, 40x and 63x.

Upright microscope Leica DM 2500 with fluorescence module

Used for investigation of objects in temporary and permanent slides using transmitted light and epifluorescence methods. Equipped with Plan-Fluotar object lenses. Available contrast methods are phase contrast at 10х, 20х, 40х and 100х object lenses and Nomarski differential interference contrast at 20х, 40x and 100х object lenses. The set of fluorescence filter cubes enables observations in the main areas of spectrum (filters included: А, I3, B/G/R, N2.1).