The full set of electrophoresis accessories, including power suppliers, gel hand-casting systems, electrophoretic & transfer cells and vacuum-blotting devices, are available.

The BioRad PowerPac Universal Power Supply System is compatible with different types of horizontal and vertical electrophoretic chambers. Interface allows easy configuring run conditions in terms of voltage or current; programming of multistep methods is also possible.

The BioRad Mini-PROTEAN Tetra 4-gel cells are designed for vertical 1D-electrophoresis in different buffers, for second dimension run 2D-electrophoresis and for gel to membrane transfer. Four gels or 2 transfers could be run at the same time.

The Millipore Snap i.d. Protein Detection System provides very fast and convenient technnique for western blotting, effective speeding up steps of blocking, washing, and primary & secondary AB-staining. Full staining procedure duration is shortened down to 30 min. The system is fully compatible with conventional blocking buffers and AB-visualization modes.