Testo 512 and Testo 435 portable instruments are meant to be used for the express analysis of air flow data such as: pressure, velocity, air temperature, turbulence level.

This measurement system implements the PIV (Particle Image Velocity) method that allows to visualize the flow. The system consists of double-pulse laser, two cross-correlation cameras, synchronizing device, traverses and PC with ActualFlow software.

The system includes three spectrum analyzers, LAN-XI module, a battery module, a crate controller and 8 single-axis accelerometers. The system allows to perform general acoustic and vibration testing. Measurement modules can be used individually or together, as part of a multi-module measurements / distributed system. Interchangeable front panels give the flexibility to use a wide range of transducers.

HAAS VF-3 Vertical Milling Machine with CNC


  • 4 axis machining;
  • axis motion (X, Y, Z): 1016 x 508 x 635 mm;
  • positioning accuracy – ± 0.0050 mm;
  • tool carousel with 20 pockets.

You can find examples of products in the description of the turret lathe.


  • maximum cutting diameter – 329 mm;
  • maximum cutting length – 533 mm;
  • positioning accuracy – ±0.0050 mm;
  • tool carousel with 12 pockets.