AT-11 is a closed loop wind tunnel with a single return duct and an open test section. The construction of AT-11 was completed in December 1988.

The system consists of crate controller with 6 temperature anemometers, automatic calibration unit, PC with Streamline software and measuring probes. The system is meant to be used for flow velocity and turbulence measurements.


The system allows to measure pressure fluctuations on the surfaces of aerodynamic models. The system includes 16 DMI-0,1 type inductive sensors, 2 IVP-2 (inductive high-frequency transducer) two-channel inductive transducers, LeCroy four-channel digital oscilloscope, NPO "Mera" MIC-200M measuring and computing complex with 3 MIC-017-D4 four-channel inductive transducer amplifiers.

The system includes ZET 017-T8 eight-channel strain gauge station, six ZET 7010 smart strain gauges and two MC15-3A three-axis load cells.

The system is meant to be used for multipoint measurement of static flow data. The system includes 48 Aplisens smart pressure transmitters, HART multiplexer and PC with software.