Resource Center "Space and GIS technologies" was created with the purpose of methodological and technical support of educational and research projects in the field of natural and basic sciences, as well as to form an integrated system of education and research in the field of remote sensing (RS) from the space (Eng.: remote sensing of the Earth from space, synonym: Remote sensing of the Earth). RC KGT, also operates to develop a network of satellite positioning of base stations (VRS), which in combination with remote sensing equipment creates a distinctive fullness use of geoinformation technologies.

The resource center is equipped with modern complex Uniscan-24, providing reception of remote sensing data from satellites. Acceptance and archiving of data are carried out in real time. Today, the archive of the resource center has the results of multispectral, panchromatic and radar shooting (from the TERRA satellite, AQUA, SPOT-5, EROS A, RADARSAT). These data allow us to address a wide range of scientific problems in the field of natural sciences.

Uniscan The complex includes a number of computing devices and software functionality which allows both to process satellite images, as well as to conduct research on new methods of remote sensing data. Satellite imagery collected in specially organized databases – survey results – primarily processed remote sensing data that can be presented in the form of visual images, irrespective of the bandwidth of the recorded spectrum. Data Visualization is carried out in a selected environmental aspect of the research environment (earth's surface). The initial view of information – data sets, which is registered with a certain kind of sensors, electromagnetic radiation. Current level of development of remote sensing techniques allows them to be regarded as techniques and technology display objects on the earth surface, which give rise to complex information systems, which are based, are the methods of recognition of objects and facts of different classes: surface effects, atmospheric phenomena, meteorology and so on. It is appropriate to talk about remote sensing of the environment and pattern recognition. Specialization formulation of such problems is related to the sphere of artificial intelligence research, which is widely used mathematical models.

Problems processing satellite images, creating various thematic products based on imagery, creating general and thematic maps and GIS for various purposes, as well as tasks of geoportal and web technologies, solved the laboratory "Geomatics" RC KGT. For the processing of geospatial data in the laboratory of geomatics Resource Center has a classroom equipped with powerful workstations with software firms ScanEx, Angle, ESRI, Erdas Inc., EXELIS and others. Also, as part of the laboratory shall be consulted on the use of existing software (ArcGIS, MapInfo , Bentley Microsatation).

VRS network is used as the solution of applied problems in the field of geodesy and cartography, as well as for scientific research (geophysical, etc.). Each VRS network node installed a weather station that automatically measure the parameters of the atmosphere with the desired time interval.

RC is open to users through web technologies. All information are formalized and published on the "domestic" Geoportal. Information that is considered permissible to open the publication, is transferred to the external subsystem. 

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