Special features

The Center implements the following technologies of formal grammatical analysis of texts:

      ▪ Graphic analysis of texts (analysis of discourse structure, division into paragraphs, words, punctuation marks, numerals and other text units);

      ▪ Morphological analysis (determining the grammatical features of lexical units);

      ▪ Syntactic analysis (determining the sentence structure) as well as advanced technologies in semantic analysis and synthesis of a sentence:

      ▪ Semantic analysis (identifying a particular meaning within the language system);

      ▪ Synthesis from a universal semantic structure of a sentence in the target language.

The Center can provide support services for the following research areas:

      ▪ Linguistic analysis  of Russian-language texts, requiring identification of semantic and syntactic characteristics (for example, evaluating the quality of the Russia language used in texts written in the style of official documents, in newspaper texts, etc.);

      ▪ Corpus linguistics: annotation and linguistic indexing of large batches and corpora of texts;

      ▪ Retrieval of information from the text, in particular, concepts connected with entities as well as facts and events connected with these entities;

      ▪ Automated sentiment analysis;

      ▪ Development of independent language taxonomies and semantic classifications.

Contact Information

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