The only in Russia small and macromolecule single crystal structure analysis system equipped with a rotating anode X-ray source (flux 8×1010 phot/mm²/с) and a curved imaging plate detector allowing collecting high-quality data from weakly diffracting and disordered crystals;


Technical charachteristics:

      • Microfocused X-ray generator MicroMax™-007 HF with rotating (Co or Mo) source;

      • Power of X-ray sources: 1.2 kW;

      • Detector: Cylindrical IP with vertical translation axis and 2θ range of 204o;

          • Radius: 127.4 mm

          • Readout time: 51 sec

          • Erase time: 20 sec

          • Sensitivity: 2 ADU/X-ray photon

      • 3-axis goniometer

          • ω axis: -85° to 265° 0.002° /step

          • χ axis: -15° to 55° 0.0002° /step

          • φ axis: 360° 0.002° /step

      • Conofocal X-ray optics VariMax™

      • Camera: 1/3" camera for sample alignment and observation; 70X magnification color image displayed on host computer

      • Low-temperature Oxford Cryostream system with temperature range 80-500 K.


CrystalClear™ automated measurement/processing software; Software for face indexing using CCD video camera; TwinSolve twinned crystal integration software; CrystalStructure™ single-crystal structure solution refinement and reporting suite.

Information from the manufacturer:


The Vasilyevsky Island training and research Complex of SPbSU