STOE  STADI P powder diffractometer is equipped with two goniometers for studying polycrystals (powders, ceramics, etc.) in either Bragg-Brentano reflection or monochromatic transmission mode (flat sample or capillary) using a curved Ge monochromator and a position sensitive detector.


  • X-Ray source: vacuum tube with a  Co anode;
  • Focus size - 0.4 x 12 mm;
  • Operation regime: 40 kV /30 mA;
  • Vertical Theta / 2 Theta goniometer for Debye-Scherrer capillary and flat transmission mode; radius - 130 mm;
  • Curved Ge monochromator;
  • Vertical Theta / 2 Theta goniometer for Bragg-Brentano reflection geometry; radius - 130 mm;
  • Scan types: coupled θ-θ or independent θs, θd;
  • 2θ range:  0 - 140°;
  • Minimum step size: 0.0005°;
  • Linear PSD for transmission mode; scintillator for B-B mode;  
  • Manually controlled slits


WinX POW – a software for qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, lattice constant determination, microstructure analysis.

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