State of the art diffractometer with extremely sensitive and reliable imaging plate technology. Can be used to capture small amounts of powder substance in the Debye-Scherrer geometry.


 Technical charachteristics:

      • MoKα X-ray sealed tube;

      • Rated operation X-ray sources: 50 kV/30 mA;

      • A tunable graphite crystal monochromator selects only the Kα line (l=0.71073Å) emitted from the Mo X-ray source;

      • Detector Imaging Plate technology;

            • diameter Image Plate (active area)  340mm, (max 2theta = 77°);

            • low noise due to absence of dark current;

            • linear dynamic range  > 1*105;

            • pixel size: 150 х 150 µm2.

      • 2-axis goniometer:

            • free rotation of the phi  angles (ϕ);

            • ω angle ranges from 0 to +180o;

            • Detector distance:  40 – 200 mm (automatically set)


Information from the manufacturer:

Location: The Vasilyevsky Island training and research Complex of SPbSU