Spectrometer ESCALAB 250Xi is considered as the modern complex of electron spectroscopic equipment that can solve most of the modern diagnostic-type tasks of the synthesized organic and inorganic materials.

The spectrometer is based on a hemispherical energy analyzer with a double focusing and with energy range 0-5000 eV and includes monochromatic microfocus X-ray source of the latest generation, the ion profiling system, system of high-precision imaging of sample, manipulator with five degrees of freedom and chambers for loading and preliminary preparing of samples.


Basic research methods:

- X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy with high resolution,

- Ion scattering spectroscopy,

- Spectroscopy of electron energy loss,

- Raster Auger electron spectroscopy with high spatial resolution (less than 95 nm). 

Спектрометр ESCAlab 250Xi

Advantages of spectrometer ESCAlab 250Xi:

- Three-chamber configuration with independent pumping systems: analytical chamber, preparation chamber and fast-entry chamber,

- Hemispherical analyzer with two detectors: multichannel detector based on channel electron multipliers with wide dynamic range and a two-dimensional detector based on dual microchannel plate detector and coordinate detector,

- A system for visualisation of images of surface with using XPS with a spatial resolution of less than 20 microns, the minimum area of analysis with using a spectroscopy in parallel visualisation mode is not more than 3 mkm,

- A system of magnetic immersion lens to increase the sensitivity (intensity) with preservation of spatial resolution,

- Manipulator with five degrees of freedom, with functions of heating and cooling: cooling to a temperature of 170 K and heating to a temperature of 600 K,

- Raster electron electron gun based on effect of field emission with electron beam spot size <95 nm with a current of 5 nA and an energy 10 keV

- UV source with differential pumping system for studies of valence band with an angular resolution less than 1.5 °,

- X-ray source with the X-ray monochromator,

- System of neutralization both positive and negative charges built into input of analyzer's lens for study of dielectrics,

- Low-energy electron diffractometer in preparation chamber.


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