This NMR spectrometer is designed to study samples in solid state: crystallines, powders, weakly ordered materials, gels, liquid crystals, amorphous compounds, nanostructures (zeolites, silicates) etc. Wide bore of the magnet and advanced set of probes allows one to study diffusion processes, obtain micro-tomographic images, record high resolution spectra with magic angle spinning etc.

      • Long low- and high-temperature measurements (from 130 to 870 K)

      • Microtomography (with small animal heartbeat and pulse monitoring unit)

      • Magic angle spinning up to 24 kHz

      • Diffusion measurements (gradients up to 3000 G/cm)

      • Planned: studies of monocrystals



BRUKER Avance III 400 MHz WB solid state spectrometer probes

3.2 mm triple resonance H/F/X CP-MAS (24 kHz) 1H / 19F / 13C-15N

4 mm double resonance MAS (15 kHz) 1H-19F / 31P-15N with Z-gradients

8 mm wideline probe (up to +600 °С) 15N-31P

Microimaging probe 1Н, 19F, 31P for MRI with small animal monitoring unit.