The microscope is used for for cell and tissue culture, micromanipulation, and live cell examinations. It is equipped with 5W LED illumination without heating and big working spaces with special holders for culture flasks. The instrument allows to perform contrast method analyses. Additionally, the microscope is equipped with the fluorescence illumination. For specifications visit



Routine Stereo Microscope Leica M80 is characterized by the large field of view, increased depth of focus and improved resolution with 8:1 zoom, and equipped with the RGB camera and 0.8x plan apochromat lens providing 5.04х - 32х magnification. For more information visit

The Leica M125 is equipped with fully apochromatic corrected optics with 12.5:1 zoom. It provides detailed, high contrast imaging and wide sample overview with the resolution of 1.15 µm. For more information visit


The Leica FA is a fully motorized universal stereo microscope allowing to study fluorescence in tissues sections, embryos, etc. The microscope is designed on the basis of the TripleBeam and FusionOptics technology with 0.63x and 1.6x lens and full apochromatic 20.5:1 zoom providing high resolution with up to 256х magnification and high depth of field. For more information visit


The P-1000 is a horizontal automated puller designed for preparation of 0.06-3 µm tipped glass micropipettes and microelectrodes which can be used for intracellular registrations, patch clamp, microinjections and micro perfusions. For specifications visit


The BV-10 is a microelectrode beveling device. It is equipped with the stereo microscope and provides beveling of micropipette tips between 0.1 and 100 µm. For specifications visit