The Veriti 96-Well Thermal Cycler features innovative VeriFlex™ Blocks for enhanced PCR functionality. Six separate Peltier blocks provide maximal versatility and flexibility.

Manufacturer: Applied Biosystems, USA

Catalog number: 4375786


Status: in testing

1. Main characteristics:

Block format - 0.2 mL alloy;

PCR volume range - 10–80 μL;

Features - Standard 0.2 mL format and sample block;

Max block ramp rate - 3.9°C/sec;

Max sample ramp rate - 3.35°C/sec;

Temperature accuracy - ±0.25°C (35°C–99.9°C);

Temperature range - 0°C–100.0°C;

Temperature uniformity - <0.5°C (20 sec after reaching 95°C);

Dimensions (H x W x D) - 24.5 x 23.7 x 48.5 cm;

Weight - 11.4 kg;

Instrument memory - USB and onboard;

2. Contact our staff for the details about the system and its availability