Thermal cycler for PCR in real time with a desktop computer

Manufacturer: Applied Biosystems, USA

Catalog number: AB-4351107


Status: commissioned 

1. Main characteristics:

Thermal cycling system - Peltier-based;

Block sample - 96-well block;

The reaction volume - 5–30 μL;

Peak Block Heating Rate - 5.5°C;

Temperature range - 4-100 ° C;

Temperature Accuracy - +/- 0.25°C of setpoint/display temperature, measured at 3 minutes after clock start

Temperature Uniformity - +/- 0.50°C, 30 seconds after clock start

Optical system - CCD camera with halogen lamp excitation; five-excitation and five-emission filters;

Fluorescent dyes - SYBR® Green I, FAM ™, VIC ™, JOE ™, NED ™, TAMRA ™, ROX ™, Texas Red®, Cy3 ™, Cy5 ™;

Passive Reference Dyes  - ROX dye or any calibrated dye;

2. Software Specifications:

Applications - Comparative Ct, Standard Curve, Relative Standard Curve, Allelic Discrimination, Plus/Minus;

Dye Discrimination -  Multicomponenting algorithm;

Multiplate Data - Comparison  Compare an unlimited number plates of gene  expression assays;

Multiplex Capability - Multiplex up to five targets per well

Dimensions (w x d x h) - 34 cm x 45 cm x 49 cm;

Weight - 34 kg.

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