The RC for Applied Aerodynamics was created to cover the wide range of scientific and applied issues in the field of subsonic aerodynamics. The Centre uses modern measuring equipment and well established measurement techniques, which allow to carry out the following types of research in AT-11 wind tunnel:

  • tests on full size models of different aircraft (e.g. airplanes, helicopters, spacecraft) and their components;
  • tests on rotor models and full-scale engine models;
  • investigation of the effect that the screen proximity may have upon the characteristics and features of the wake flow behind the models;
  • acoustic testing;
  • tests for non-aviation purposes (e.g. on buildings, road and marine vehicles, etc.);
  • tests conducted with wind flow and gust modelling.

The Centre is distinctive among other Russian university research centres in both using a variety of cutting edge research techniques and being able to serve as a training centre for professionals in the field of experimental aerodynamics.

The RC also houses a model making department. It is equipped with two 3D-printers for rapid model prototyping and metal and wood processing machines for making finished models.

The Resource Centre operates on the principle of public access, which implies that all interested parties, regardless of whether they are employees / students of St. Petersburg State University or not, can use the Centre's resources under certain rules.

Contact Information

Phone: +7 (812) 324-12-70 add 6119

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Resource Centre for Applied Aerodynamics is located at the following address:

Saint Petersburg, Peterhof, Ulyanovskaya st., 7A (59.885665, 29.821901).